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Swinging the Minelab Sovereign
Author: Internet Tip
With the beeping detectors you swing the coil back and forth and every time you pass over a target you get just that a beep, while you do get a signal with this type swing on the Sov, to get a solid signal on the target your sweep should become narrower and narrower til your hot spot just above it and the coil is just wiggling no more than a half inch over it. this will give a steady solid tone on good targets, not a beep beep you get from other machines with a 1 foot sweep. This is a must for deep targets, onceyou hear a response you gotta get over it and do the wiggle, If its a good target you'll hear a steady unwavering tone. for the most part what ever that tone is doesn't matter if its solid its something good or something that you can forgive the sov for it beeing fooled. An example is pull tab tounges which will read exactly as a nickel in a lot of cases on the meter, but damned if I can get that steady tone on them, I dig em anyway but 99 percent of the time I know its one it is one. Bad targets foil, odd shapedmetal, etc almost always drop in tones on the ends and even locking in with the wiggle jump around in tone. Its a killer in the old foundation sites that other machines reada target as pulltab or foil, as the do on the meter of the sov, but if its a solid steady unwavering tone, I dig em. I get lots of small cuff buttons and small goodies etc thisway, where unless someone with a standard machine was digging everything they would miss. With the sov I just ignore most of the bad sounding ones and dig the solidtones no matter what they read, pulltabs are an exception, so in pulltab infested sites I ignore the top 3 numbers that pullatbs fall into. I love solid tones on foil numbers,hardly any one digs foil signals in parks, its almost always something small and gold. a piece of foil with the same number on the meter will not lock on to a solid tone.At least not that I ever saw. There are so many advantages to BBS, I cant even explain them all. You'll hear people say they can tell a good target from a bad one with thesound from a beep machine, but for the most part a signal from them is just that, a beep. It is however a must to lock on to hear the solid tones, and I think the folks thatdon't get it are swinging like they would any other machine


I'll never forget the first time I swung a metal detector and it BEEPED! I dug up my treasure and I held that shiny circle of metal in my hand--a quarter!! Wow! A whole twenty-five cents! Since then I have treasured hunted all over the world. This site has info on metal detectors and hopefully anything else you need to know about metal detecting, treasure hunting, and finding gold!

Good luck!


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Why You Need To Buy and Sell Gold Coin(Part 1)
Author: steve renner
The Value of Gold in a Era of Paper Assets, Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds...

The facts behind the increasing demand for gold and silver, rare coins, and historic collectibles from the U.S. Mint...

No other substance on Earth embodies the unique characteristics of gold. Its yellow lustre and beauty are unsurpassed. Since the earliest days of man, it has been admired, molded, shaped, and worn as a symbol of wealth and good taste.

The romance and lure of gold is enhanced by its historic use as a storehouse of wealth. Gold's value is intrinsic. Its value is a measure of the true wealth and the stability of national currencies the world over. Throughout history, every paper currency has become totally worthless over time; yet gold remains.

The precious metal gold cannot be created or destroyed or altered. It forever remains one of the most liquid investments with no geographic boundaries. Gold is bought, sold, traded, and stored in most parts of the free world with complete privacy. Likewise, U.S. gold coins enjoy many of these unique advantages.

In a world where paper currencies come and go, where paper money can be depreciated 25% to 30% overnight, the price of gold cannot be manipulated by any single nation or borrower. On the contrary, gold is the foundation of today's world monetary system.

Acquiring U.S. gold coins put you in great company through American history. Prior to 1933, all U.S. paper currency was backed dollar for dollar by gold reserves. Today, paper dollars are backed only by a government promise, nothing more.

For investors who value gold, they recognize the safety, privacy and instant liquidity of U.S. gold coins. As official legal tender, each coin has a guaranteed weight and gold content.

Numismatic coins, especially the pre-1933 U.S. gold coins are highly sought after by asture collectors and investors for more than their pure gold content. The Saint-Gaudens, the Liberty series, and the Indian Head U.S. gold coins are admired and collected worldwide for their historical significance, beauty, and rarity.

Unlike gold that is minted by the tons annually, U.S. Gold coins minted prior to 1933 have a fixed and limited supply. No more will be minted ever and the older they get, the more highly prized they become as important pieces of American history.

We hope your visit will encourage you to add more rare and valuable U.S. gold coins to your collection and to learn how to build sets that will appreciate in value and be greatly admired for many generations to come.


About the Author

Steve is the ceo of cashcards-goldlynks rare/gold coin club he was the best isp provider in 1997 check out his about us page at this article is free for distribution


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