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Ground Balance
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The Minelab Sovereign is worlds apart from a Fisher CZ or White's XLT first off both of these units use ground balance to filter out the ground signal. This is key when you filter out the bad you always filter out some of the good to put it simply. The Sovereign does not filter at all. In a traditional senseit Ground ID's and compares a ground signal with a target vs. a ground signal without a target. Because the Sovereign is using 17 frequencies to look through the ground, not only is it more accurate because it looks at the target 17 timesin a sense. It is a proven fact that different frequencies travel through different material at different rate of speed and intensity andtherefore affects depth penetration. If the ground you are hunting is hot on 12 Khz. then a Tesoro detector will do real well as will theSovereign because it hunts with a 12Khz signal, but the CZ and XLT will have trouble getting the depth because they do not have a 12kHZfrequency Now if the ground likes 4.5KHZ then the XLT or CZ7 will hit hard at better depth but so will the Sovereign because it also huntswith 4.5Khz., and so on and so on. See where we are going with this line... Now consider this, The Sovereign gives you a negative signal over 99% of all iron (only being fooled 1%) and in 99% of the time overiron, the Sovereign will report a Non-ferrous item in close proximity with that of a iron target and read it true every time. It does it likethis: it looks for the ground signal, then looks for the iron signal and then it looks for the Non-ferrous signal. If it sees the ground signaland no iron or Non-ferrous signal it reports nothing. If it sees the ground signal and an iron signal and no Non-ferrous signal it reportsonly the iron signal as a negative target "low gritty sound" through threshold. If it sees the ground signal, no iron and a Non-ferrous signal,it will report the Non-ferrous signal based on your discrimination setting. Now if it sees the ground signal and a iron signal it will look for a Non ferrous signal before reporting the iron signal if it sees the Non-ferrous signal with the iron signal it breaks out the Non-ferrous signal and reports the target based on your discrimination setting. This is called Iron Mask and when you see it at work you will never, and let me repeat that you will never go back to a XLT or CZ. I have hadcustomers completely search a yard with the XLT, forward backwards and diagonally, and get everything they could get out of the yard,then take the Sovereign into the same yard and recover more targets. a lot of the times the target is close proximity to a nail or other iron target. A dealer for Fisher, (and I mean a Fisher Dealer and Die Hard Fisher User) picks up a Sovereign XS in a field that was known to be littered with nails and other iron trash and hunted the field marking targets and how they read on a Sun Ray meter. They then came back and tradedit for the CZ and again hunted the same field this time the CZ found more targets and ID them as good targets. It could not see one of thetargets that the Sovereign did. Then this dealer went out and dug up all the items, all the items that the Sovereign read coins it ended up being a coin and in addition no iron was ID as good targets. The CZ could not make the same claim, it did not recover any more coins, but awhole lot more iron trash that read good. The target that the Sovereign ended taking the day on that the CZ did not ID was a 1903 SilverCanada nickel which is smaller than a US dime. It was recovered at a depth of 10" I rest my case.


I'll never forget the first time I swung a metal detector and it BEEPED! I dug up my treasure and I held that shiny circle of metal in my hand--a quarter!! Wow! A whole twenty-five cents! Since then I have treasured hunted all over the world. This site has info on metal detectors and hopefully anything else you need to know about metal detecting, treasure hunting, and finding gold!

Good luck!


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Why You Need To Buy and Sell Gold Coin(Part 1)
Author: steve renner
The Value of Gold in a Era of Paper Assets, Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds...

The facts behind the increasing demand for gold and silver, rare coins, and historic collectibles from the U.S. Mint...

No other substance on Earth embodies the unique characteristics of gold. Its yellow lustre and beauty are unsurpassed. Since the earliest days of man, it has been admired, molded, shaped, and worn as a symbol of wealth and good taste.

The romance and lure of gold is enhanced by its historic use as a storehouse of wealth. Gold's value is intrinsic. Its value is a measure of the true wealth and the stability of national currencies the world over. Throughout history, every paper currency has become totally worthless over time; yet gold remains.

The precious metal gold cannot be created or destroyed or altered. It forever remains one of the most liquid investments with no geographic boundaries. Gold is bought, sold, traded, and stored in most parts of the free world with complete privacy. Likewise, U.S. gold coins enjoy many of these unique advantages.

In a world where paper currencies come and go, where paper money can be depreciated 25% to 30% overnight, the price of gold cannot be manipulated by any single nation or borrower. On the contrary, gold is the foundation of today's world monetary system.

Acquiring U.S. gold coins put you in great company through American history. Prior to 1933, all U.S. paper currency was backed dollar for dollar by gold reserves. Today, paper dollars are backed only by a government promise, nothing more.

For investors who value gold, they recognize the safety, privacy and instant liquidity of U.S. gold coins. As official legal tender, each coin has a guaranteed weight and gold content.

Numismatic coins, especially the pre-1933 U.S. gold coins are highly sought after by asture collectors and investors for more than their pure gold content. The Saint-Gaudens, the Liberty series, and the Indian Head U.S. gold coins are admired and collected worldwide for their historical significance, beauty, and rarity.

Unlike gold that is minted by the tons annually, U.S. Gold coins minted prior to 1933 have a fixed and limited supply. No more will be minted ever and the older they get, the more highly prized they become as important pieces of American history.

We hope your visit will encourage you to add more rare and valuable U.S. gold coins to your collection and to learn how to build sets that will appreciate in value and be greatly admired for many generations to come.


About the Author

Steve is the ceo of cashcards-goldlynks rare/gold coin club he was the best isp provider in 1997 check out his about us page at this article is free for distribution


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