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The Sun Ray DTI Meter for the Minelab Sovereign
Author: Internet Tip
For those of you that don't have a Sun Ray meter, and are thinking about getting a meter for the Sovereign, or just wondering how accurate the meter is.......... First of all let me say this. The Sun Ray digital meter is about as accurate as one can be with present technology. If the Sovereign can see the target, the meter can also. The only time it will be off is at the very fringes of the Sov's depth capabilities. Other factors that can affect the meter readout is a trash target close by to a good one. This however can most times be overcome just by narrowing down the sweep directly over the good target, and approaching the target(s) from all angles. If the Target is deep and reading low, a quick wiggling of the coil directly over the target will most times bring the reading up to within a digit of the correct number. The Sun Raymeter is a must for hunting trashy areas, where trash signals can over come you sometimes. One of the most important factors of having this meter is it allows you to hunt all areas using little or no discrimination or notch. You can rely on tones, and double check with what the meter is telling you. Now you may ask what about those good targets that fall in the trash range? Well let me tell you this. If you are hunting a pull tab infested area, you will soon get used to what they sound like. If you get a reading in the same range on the meter that sounds cleaner, or just softer, or just plain different for that matter, dig it up! I once found a silver 3 cent piece that was reading 166 on the meter(right in the middle of pull tab range) in a park that had so many pull tabs you couldn't swing without hearing at least one. just because it sounded clean. This is another reason for not using any discrimination or notch, and the greatest reason for using a sun ray meter on your Sovereign.


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New Scientific Ideas On Magnetism, Electricity and Gravity.
Author: Malcolm James Pugh
What exactly is electricity. What exactly is magnetism. What exactly is gravity.And no one can tell you. We live with these forces daily, utilise them, and yet we do not fully comprehend them for what they are. Perhaps not until now.

Consider gravity as a flow of pure energy and the earth as a huge magnet with a magnetic north and south. If we sprinkle iron filings at school we get a pattern which seems static, and the iron particles seem set in their place. In fact there is a FLOW of pure energy
outwards from the poles to each other, branching further outwards and then back.
The iron particles would move if they could, which might explain why it is so ridiculously easy to disturb them in a minimal touch of the frame in simple experiments in school.
Project this to the earth, or any planet come to that. We get energy coming out of Magnetic south and flying round the atmosphere to magnetic north. Along the way there are many opportunities to earth and this energy wants to get to earth as quickly as possible, ideally as lightning, otherwise it passes through you and I and anything else in its path on its goal, EARTH. This is why we always earth electrical appliances, it has to have a way to earth or it will not flow, as its one mission in life is to get back to earth.
Occasionally it encounters ferric type objects similar to earth which fools it, and it orbits these instead in a closed system it is happy with, a fools earth or to us a magnet.
Thus a magnet acts as a repository or sort of capacitor for Primeval Earth Energy, or PEE as I shall call it for the rest of this article. These repositories can be rubbed on other similar ferric based objects and some PEE transfers, so they both become magnetised or PEEd. We see from this that gravity, electricity and magnetism are one and the same thing, a Primeval Earth Energy, emanating from the earth, and eventually back to earth.
This intricacies of magnets to electrics and vice versa via power stations is purely utilising this energy before it can earth itself, the magnetic receptors acting capacitor like, earth mimics, to the energy to assuage its headlong flight to earth. In a magnet it thinks it has found earth and then it is liberated by passing a wire in, essentially, so it again flows along the wire and can be used in many forms before actually getting to another magnet or earth, its true destination.
Much as sound is locked away into the silicon of bricks in spooky places then liberated by harmonic stimulation.
This all raises many new, and old, ideas1) gravity can be counteracted by deflecting or absorbing the PEE flow to earth
and creating a hole or funnel to the vacuum of space, eliminating the need
for rockets of any magnitude.2) This flow also runs from pole to pole through the earth itself under our feet,
probably via ley lines when not occluded by magnetic ferric anomalies of
sufficient size.3) Massive magnets, huge ferric structures, could pluck energy from literally
thin air and store it until a wire is introduced.If this is true then consider ancient wisdoms. The Chinese Chi and Chi of the body, ley lines, feng shui, and it all seems more obvious less occult. We also must have flows of energy passing through us seeking earth, and when we are not actually earthed must act as a magnet.
It must be more comfortable for us to lie along the lines of underground earth forces, than to lie across them, counter to the flow.
Consider dowsing. We have this PEE that desperately wants to get to earth and the purer the conductor the better. I believe our brain acts as a sort of geophysical sonar sensor, that when allied to a dowsing rod, much like an aerial, will pick up sources for PEE to go to. Water is one of the best conductors, as is gold interestingly dowsing very easily identifies these, in fact dowsing with a pendulum at differing lengths will find virtually anything you ask it, knowing the length. Perhaps PEE also has a sense of where it has been, or taps in to a global memory map, but I prefer to think brain sonar stimulated by PEEs need to go home.
Presumably if you created magnetic walls up to open space, you could send a craft out and up against zero gravity or perhaps have a craft with huge capacitance magnets that suck up all the PEE and then having cleared a gravity free path wherever it goes in the atmosphere, uses the stored PEE as power once in the vacuum of outer space. Sort of magnetic power banks a bit like solar panels but working off PEE.
Massive magnets in this format rings bells for me with stone circles like Stonehenge. Could they not be massive power stations tapping into PEE. They could have been interconnected underground by metallic connectors long since rotted away leaving only the stones. Presumably analysis of the soil under the stones could confirm higher than normal concentrations of any metallic residues above chance. We seem to assume ancient civilisations are infinitesimally less advanced than we are, yet if we had nuclear holocaust or a meteor strike wed have the knowledge but not the machinery or the power. Given that, mining for copper, tin, iron etc and building pyramids and stone circles, both of which could utilise PEE may actually be in advance of our thinking as of now but without the manufacturing capability we possess now.
Similarly, churches and cathedrals and mosques and all religious temples have one thing in common, they tower over all around usually by the tower or spire. So they presumably have more likelihood of more PEE using them to flow to earth, so to be in church would actually increase your bodily flow of PEE and be invigorating. Similarly the warm contentment of community singing and euphoria of crowd or concert singing may be ascribed to PEE being transmitted via sound waves and then evenly distributed on the assembled throng creating a harmony of balanced PEE throughout all and a feeling of one with the world. Sunsets and sunlight on water produce similar euphoria and it may be PEE is flowing into you better at these times, or when in countryside and a feeling of quiet satisfaction occurs, it may be that you are in the vicinity of trees, which attract PEE by virtue of their height as a conductor of PEE and you gain more by being in their vicinity.
Stone circles and churches and the pagan buildings whose sites they were built on sit on ley lines, often at intersections of these , doubly powerful. This to my mind is not chance, a high tower to get PEE more easily from the air, and sited on the most propitious places for PEE to come to earth. In fact WITHOUT incentives like this PEE would logically only flow from pole to pole, so maybe we should think before knocking down churches for having no congregations. In any event surely a church or a stone circle built on an intersection of ley lines must stand more chance of PEE hits or targeting on its relentless flow to earth.
A sure test of this would be to identify a propitious multi intersection of ley lines and build a huge stone magnetic cored material circle linked together underground by copper. I warrant it would produce electricity if tapped off by a wire. A cheap and clean form of energy.
In geology here have been completely baffling and incontrovertibly true reversals of the Earths polarity down through the ages, reflected indisputably by fossilised magnetised particle orientation set in stone for eons of how the Earths poles were at that time.
It seems simple enough to me that any time a major planet passed close enough, if its poles were different, ours would step into line with theirs being the lesser power, and would conform with the dominant more powerful flow. When the larger planet leaves we are left with reversed polarity until the opposite occurs with another planet. Failing that there must be a generating mechanism in the Earth as well which occasionally reverses, but I prefer the planet idea as Mars indisputably came very close to earth, and writings deemed rubbish, including I think Jules Verne were virtually proved to be true by Velikovsky in Worlds in Collision, merely prophesying what Mars was really like via actual observation so many many centuries ago because IT CAME SO CLOSE. Presumably a correlation of when it came close against reversals of polarity would be useful.
Plants flourish from directly out of the earth, so probably are sustained by PEE much as we are, and bizarrely talking to them involves sound waves, already purported to be a means of travel to PEE so it may indeed help your plants to grow by talking to them.
Try taking any old wives tale with a scientific bent and PEE makes it seem clearer and infinitely more possible and less absurd.
We look for ever more complicated answers when the answers are there and simple to behold, or as Gurdiev said Man will not fully understand himself until he discovers the true nature of electricity.

This concludes this months little excursion into simple everyday phenomena, next time we will be discussing sub earth power and the Universe, and then finally in our trilogy, the really tricky issue of pre history and sausages.

About the Author

Originally a Civil Engineer. Mutated to a Systems Programmer. Now old.


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